Monday, February 08, 2010

Highland Green party in press release shock

Finally the Green Party have made the P&J headlines, calling for 22 members of a Highland Council committee to be sacked.  No doubt Glenurquart Road trembles with fear today. Sorry the Gurn just can't take the local Green Party seriously. They had the chance to build up a proper 'sustainable' grass roots organisation when Eleanor Scott got into Holyrood but it just didn't seem to happen. The Green Party seemed to have as little to say about public concern about over-development in the A96 Inverness-Nairn corridor as all the other parties. They seem to have said nothing too about many issues dear to Nairnites, Sandown, Sainsbury's, the town centre etc. If they have then please let the Gurn know. 
It would be nice to vote for an effective green party but really if they want support they will have to work harder for it.  Down in the Brighton of the South it seems the Greens are the favourites to win the Parliamentary seat, they came second last time. In the Brighton of the North, looks like they blew it. 


Extra-vert said...

The press release smacks of Donny the candidate's ability to go for the sensational jugular as it were rather than anything sensible.

It's enough to make you want to go away,find somewhere quite and have a nice glass of de-caf, organic buckfast.

Organic GM said...

Perhaps Mr/s Vert you could chill with Donny the bonny Greeny in the new organic cafe in Leopold Street when it opens this week :-)

Not sure if they will be selling your regular brew though?