Wednesday, February 24, 2010

For all February posts see the side bar

There's been a lot of interesting articles posted on the Gurn this month - over 90 so far. The Gurn's home page only carries a limited number of stories in order to increase page loading speed. If you want to catch up on more interesting things happening in Nairn scroll down the side bar until you reach the list of all articles posted so far this month.


Anonymous said...

The side bar is awfae long, and the archive list is a long way down...

Any chance that the index-list of the month's posts could be displayed higher up - above the ads and the list of links?

After all, we Gurnites come here mainly for the blogs. Only after that might we think about moving on to other sites and other stuff!

Graisg said...

ok Anon but it's a lot further up now but still below the first ads and the other local blogs.