Saturday, February 27, 2010

Highland Council tobacco hypocrisy continues unabated!

Again the P&J has been investigating Highland Council:

'Highland Council’s continued multimillion-pound investment in the tobacco industry threatens to overshadow publication of a report next week which claims that the authority takes health issues seriously.
The document by its health improvement policy officer Keith Walker commits the council to “reducing the burden of disease, disability and premature death due to tobacco by reducing the inequalities in current smoking rates, reducing exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke and reducing the uptake of smoking.” '

Yet at the same time the council has millions of pounds invested in tobacco companies. If this organisation is prepared to indulge in this high-level hypocrisy then how can they be taken seriously in anything else they are involved in. Do we want to be represented by an organisation that invests in a substance that causes death and serious diseases?Read the full P&J article here.

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