Friday, March 19, 2010

Junior World bairns get onto the railway

The Press and Journal reports:

'An investigation is under way after three nursery children were able to walk across a railway line to retrieve a lost toy.
Youngsters at Junior World nursery at Nairn gained access to the tracks by crawling under a security fence adjacent to the Aberdeen-Inverness line.
Network Rail yesterday admitted the fence had been “incorrectly” installed because a gap had been left at the bottom of the wire, which was large enough for small children to squeeze through.'

When you consider the massive investment made recently in new fencing along the railway in Nairn, one wonders how more attention wasn't paid to ensure that this wouldn't happen.

More here: Nairn youngsters able to crawl under fence and cross tracks to retrieve toy


dr-grigor said...

it begs the question where were the nursery workers when 3 children got on to the railway line

out for a fag said...

Probably been assigned snow clearing duties (see post above this one!)

Anonymous said...

Did they tunnel out?

Anonymous said...

No, it was a wooden horse

Bless that child said...

On a serious note what would the comments be if anything did happen
to these 3 children, or if you were
their parents how would you feel.

Anonymous said...

I think it should be remembered that you can't believe everything thats written in the papers and the P&J are a little wide of the mark as to how this came to happen. I would suggest that the Scottish Sun was more accurate? I should imagine the parents are understandably furious while other parents will be concerned about the ability of the Nursery to supervise their children.

SCOOP said...

Very interesting how the The Sun
newspaper got the story in the first place with all the details
regarding what was supposed to have happened {who supplied the info ? } & also the story in The
P&J how were they of the mark as suggested by the last comment,
Does this person actually know the
full facts of what happened on the day regarding the 3 children.

Graisg said...

Haven't seen the Sun article Scoop, is it online?
Perhaps the Nairnshire will have more details. Only two hours to wait before the shelves in the Co-op buckle under the weight of the Monday night delivery.

Graisg said...

@ in the know.
Could you forward a copy of the letter you mention to the Gurn please, then we will consider your comments for publication.

Graisg said...

Hi again 'In the know', the Gurn has to be careful with such specific comments. We are open to debate but we haven't seen the document you refer to. Our resources have their limits so unless someone wishes to e-mail us a copy then that's it for now.
For example if you read the second sentence of your third comment you can perhaps see potential difficulties regarding accuracy (re use of the word 'incorrect'?).