Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wee County fixture crisis intensifies reports:

'The Nairn County v Inverurie Locos fixture scheduled for this evening has been postponed due to a frozen pitch at Station Park. The temperature in Nairn dipped to as low as minus 5 over night and although it has been sunny today, the deep frost has shown no signs of coming out of the ground on certain sections of the surface.The area in front of the farside enclosure has always been problematic due to the sun not hitting it until it was at its highest. Now, the construction of an extension to Nairn Town and County Hospital has added to the shadow that is cast of County's pitch throughout the majority of each day.'

Surely there must be considerable doubt now that all Highland League fixtures will be completed before the end of the season?


Anonymous said... say that the new hospital building is casting a shadow over the pitch is complete nonsense, the building would have to be 9 storeys high to affect the pitch. The pitch will be very flat so why cant they instruct the players to play in "rubbers" and just get on with it. Gone are the days of football being played whatever the weather. It has now been so long since there was a run of games at Station Park, it will be interesting to see how many of the fans will bother to retur

Graisg said...

Anon if you can give us a source then we will put the start of the post up.

The sun is a wee bit higher just now but not a lot, appearances can be deceptive and the frosts have not been lifting as quickly as one might expect even with some sunshine.