Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Highland Council: 'War of the Independents'

Here on the Gurn we recently mentioned another split in the 'Independents' on Highland Council and made allusion to a famous scene in the Life of Brian. Well it seems things could be moving in a similar direction after all. There are the ruling Independents and then there are two breakaway groups. It seems one of them is considering going to Court to be called 'Independent' instead of the ruling 'Independents'.

The Gurn feels that there is potential for more Independents to break away from the administration as the enormity of proposed cuts kick in. People will protest and councillors, what ever their political flavour, may have to chose between representing their constituents and the administration. They have to find the money from somewhere and it won't be easy and it won't be pleasant.

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Ministry of ministry said...

Brilliant - I haven't had any candidate come to my door in many years but perhaps nearer the election I'll get one introducing themselves as 'your independent independent'?

Is this the nearest we get to humour in politics these days, I'm sure it's all dreadfully serious really