Thursday, March 11, 2010

Could Sandown feature on the Highland version of Monopoly?

STV reports:

'The Loch Ness Monster could be set to replace Mayfair as the Highlands gets its very own version of Monopoly.
The public are to be asked to vote for which local landmarks should feature on the popular game.
It is thought Nessie could swap places with the likes of Mayfair or Old Kent road on one of the 30 squares.'

Perhaps Sandown, Delnies, Whiteness and Tornagrain could make up a set?


Canuck said...

Nessie should really replace the shoe. They should also change something to be a thistle,bagpipes,and maybe a kilt but I'm not sure how that would model. You have to keep the Scotch terrier of course and the train is fitting.
The board is supposed to be place names so I don't think Nessie should be on there.
I hope they let you have Pubs and Castles instead of Houses and Hotels.

....oh my god Im right into this

Nairnac said...

Sandown won't qualify - in Monopoly you're only allowed 3 houses on each site !