Saturday, March 06, 2010

Gurn Photo Competition

Thanks to Duncan Green for permission to use this picture. To win this competition you have to give the location of the picture and the name of the girl in the picture.

Winner wins a day at the Sandown Public Inquiry listening to Sandy give evidence. Runner-up wins two days at the Inquiry.

(reposted to the top - Saturday morning)


growtosow said...

royal bank of scotland on the high street. jean


Is it young Miss Green passing
the now Bank of Scotland building
on the High Street ??

or is it a young Mexican lady who
took the wrong turning & got lost.

is it Brown the butchers promotions
girl who was pleased to meet you
at the shop that had meat to please you.

Mr Park is such a lovely man said...


the location is Nairn and the quine's name is Bunty

Her phone number is Nairn: 1934

I'm really hoping to get the runners up prize as I like Sandy, especially when he does that squinty eyed bit when he's being asked a question, makes me go all weak at the knees even thinking about it

Graisg said...

Some mistake there on the last entry. The Gurnmeister asked Sandy a question the other day and no squinty eyes at all from the Convenor.
Friend or Foe of our top man you have to admit he has grown into the position somewhat and does the job with the appropriate gravitas!

Anonymous said...

Jeanie Chapman before she went broke.
Broon the buchers / bank rails to keep the pipeband away.

E.Maree said...

Even back then there's people hanging about waiting for the bus...

Hay Jimmy said...

Is it Ma & Pa Broon ootside the shopie belonging to their Nairn
relatives while a young Daphnie
strolls a long the high street
passed the Bank of Scotland wee
her new hat bought fae the Barras
especially for her holidays while
Oor Maggie & the bairn nip across the street for an Ice cream at Morgantis, while Hen & Joe enjoy a
pint at The Star Bar, Horace & the
Twins are at The Showies on The Links & Maggies is getting chatted
up on Leoplold Street.