Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Today at the Sandown Inquiry

Mrs Farquaharson-Black kept nipping away at John Hart like the excellent, determined, polite legal terrier she is but this observer thought that although she might have slightly pulled a few threads out a little, she failed to make a decisive hole in the NCRG case. But then again it'll all be down to the Reporters' interpretation? More later, would have been more earlier but the sunsets down at the beach have been bewitching for the past few days. The sun now sets beyond the tree line at the Golf View and has been providing quite a show during this cold night/ sunny day period.
Now back to the Inquiry, here's John Hart's precognition, he read that before Mrs Farquahar-Black asked him the questions. Here too are the precognitions from Cathy Stafford of the Association for Planning Transparency and also that of Sandy Park - they both spoke on Friday.
So that's it for now folks, all over bar the site visit. Will we have to wait as long as we did for the Sainsbury's result? Time will tell.

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