Monday, March 22, 2010

Back to last week's Nairnshire editorial

In just over 12 hours the hardcore faithful will be waiting at the Co-op for the latest edition of the Nairnshire Telegraph. The question is will this week’s editorial have provoked a reaction? If you didn’t read it or have now recycled your copy then here’s a taste of what Iain Bain had to say about the Sandown Objetors.

‘You can argue about the densities implied in the layout for Sandown but the overdevelopment argument as expressed by neighbour objectors, and to a large extent by the council, has also been quite frightening in its sheer Luddism. You might be able to argue pressure on infrastructure on a scale limited in time and area but you cannot in all honesty argue it in terms of Nairn town as a whole and for ever. If you do accept this then it is a recipe for urban suicide.’

Did Iain somewhat overstate his case? We are inclined to thinks so. In arguing against the present Sandown application, were the objectors saying no more growth, ever, for Nairn? This observer doesn’t think so but what would be acceptable to all on the Sandown lands would probably promote some considerable debate. This observer predicts a response or two in the letters pages.

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