Thursday, March 18, 2010

Highland Council cuts - the Tory view

Maybe this observer is not looking hard enough but feels that there isn't really a lot of material out there from the PPCs (Prospective Parliamentry Candidates) for this constituency, Inverness, Nairn Badenoch and Strathspey.

Interesting then to read the view from Jim Ferguson the Conservative PPC:
'The national percentage for those who are over 60 in scotland is 19%. That percentage increases to 34% for the Highlands and Islands. This percentage for the Highlands will increase by 10% every 5 years so its imperative that proper planning and a full strategic review is carried out in order to ensure adequate health care provision accross the Highlands and islands.
I am disapointed to see that the Highland Council who now have to make £12 million pounds of savings are cutting front line services in areas such as care workers who are a lifeline to many families across this region.
The SNP, Labour and LibDems have all had an opportunity at running the Highland Council but have failed to achieve the outcomes that the people need. Their in-fighting and petty politics have caused inaction and a failure to properly provide for the elderly community which is growing at an incredible rate.
There really does have to be some common sense introduced so that we dont end up with a situation where we simply dont have the resources to cope.
Add to this the fact that we have had huge numbers of Eastern Europeans migrating to the Highlands who have not being paying contributions to the country but who quickly claim all their entitlements and we see a recipe for disaster due to not having the care provision and infrastructure to cope. The Labour Government were warned that this would happen but neither they nor the LibDems were prepared to listen and simply used political correctness as a weapon to silence their critics. '
Jim should perhaps mention the 'Independent' Party, after all they still have a big say in the running of the Council. Anyway, there's more on the candidate's blog.

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