Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Highland council to close swimming pools and community centres?

Sandy Park will not be at the Sandown inquiry tomorrow he has a meeting in Inverness and quite a meeting it is:

'Closing swimming pools, community centres and museums have been suggested as ways for Highland Council to save millions of pounds.
Youth work and the provision of adult education could also be reviewed.
Officials have produced a draft list of buildings and services that the public could be asked to consider as part of the council's efforts to save £36m.
Councillors will discuss the planned public consultation process at a meeting on Thursday.'

More on the BBC site. There's no mention of anything closing in Nairn but could HC eventually pull the plug on subsidies for our Community Centre - and the swimming pool here? It doesn't bear thinking about but these days nothing is sacrosant.


First cut is the said...

Now that we have the potential for nearly 5000 newly appointed 'Highland Council citizens' (have any Gurn readers been asked?) will they be consulted?

I wonder as to what Nairnites would close in Nairn if they had to start chopping away to meet budget? Lets face it, services are not going to stay as they are

Perhaps we should just centralise everything to Inverness and stop all local services. THC have already started that process for us

Anonymous said...

Surely the first cuts should be in management, not services?

After all, we pay our taxes for the provision of services - not for the provision of multi-tiered management structures?