Friday, March 26, 2010

Nairn still waiting on word from the Co-op

The Nairnshire reported in a front page article (February 9th). 'Co-op's decision next month?'
An extract from the article states:
'A spokesman for the Co-op said: 'Following the extremely disappointing decision to grant consent to the Sainsbury's development contrary to the Reporter's recommendation. The Co-operative Group is reviewing its plans for its business in Nairn but assures residents that is committed to investing in the town centre. We anticipate completing our deliberations next month and will make an announcement then.' '
Will that investment go further than a few new t-shirts and fleeces for the Somerfield staff? Only 6 days left for the Co-op to keep its promise and make that announcement!


Anonymous said...

"We anticipate completing our deliberations..." is hardly akin to a promise to comment!

toolbox said...

When i was in sommerfield on thusrsday there were som folks taking photos,when I asked the girl on the checkout what it was for she told me the store was getting refubished soon and they were the planners???

Jane Harkiss said...

Will they have a lingerie department? I do have great difficulties finding underwear for my undulating figure, as it were..

Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw the 'suits' wandering about as well. One of them was taking photos and a couple of them were wandering about outside with the manager. One was heard saying he 'wanted to get the feel of the place'.

Anonymous said...

'Refurbished', wonder if that's a line they are spinning to the staff? They always seem to be the last to know what's happening.