Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Nightclub proposal - reasons for refusal

The reasons the Scottish Government's reporter gives for refusing the Social Club night club appeal are now available on line. Whilst feeling that noise from within the club can be controlled he was very concerned about potential, noise and disturbance outside, including the possibility of groups of people smoking outside:

Here's some of the reporter's reasoning:

'3. Church Street leads to a relatively small residential district of the town. Most arrival and departure would take place from the town centre where it would appear informal taxi facilities and other eating and leisure facilities exist. It is clear however, that use of Church Street does occur in the other direction, through the residential district, and that this is presently a cause of late night disturbance. Whilst this is to a degree inevitable in close proximity to the town centre, this does not currently extend to 03:00 hours. The proposed nightclub would be likely to lead to increased noise from talking or shouting, starting or turning vehicles in Church Street throughout the night on Friday/Saturday and Saturday/Sunday nights. This would be harmful to the living conditions which residents could expect.
4. It is possible that, in the absence of an outdoor smoking area, customers will tend to congregate in the street. This continues to be a common occurrence with pubs and other licensed premises. It is to be expected in a town centre location. I note the concern of the EHO regarding this potential for noise outwith the building. I remain unconvinced that the appellant’s proposed measure of not permitting re-entry to the premises would be workable. Although the entrance to Church Street is located away from residential areas any noise from numbers of people standing and talking in the street would be likely to carry to nearby residents during the night time hours resulting in harmful disturbance.
5. The police have reported the occurrence of 29 instances of antisocial behaviour in Church Street over the last year. The majority of these were in the early hours of the morning. They further note that management would find it difficult to control customers after leaving their premises. Although this level of reported disturbance is relatively low the Northern Constabulary accept that in all probability it would increase as a result of the proposed nightclub. With arrivals and departures extending well into the night, till 03:00 hours the potential for increased disturbance to the nearby residents is considerable.'

There's more on this DPEA page that shows the full decision.

The Gurn feels that there is obviously a need for a night club in Nairn, it is a pity that a less controversial site wasn't chosen. This Facebook group 'Nairn needs a Nightclub' has 219 members and proves that need.

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Anonymous said...

Funny how some of those charged with ensuring fair implementation of planning rules seem to see things differently.

The reporter in this case obviously has concerns about the potential for noise and disturbance......yet the planning officer responsible for the recent application for a taxi office in the High Street told the Planning Committee that "neighbours' concerns over noise and disturbance are not a planning matter, any such disturbance should be dealt with under local byelaws "

So , anyone affected by a planning application that may have a major impact on them should hope that the case goes to appeal, as the Reporters in Falkirk seem to have a better grasp of the real world impact of some developments than the planning team in Inverness.

Nairn will be impacted much more over these next few years by decisions made by Inverness based planners. Kepe you eyes on the ball chaps , we could be in for a rough ride