Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cinema Nairn prepares for a trip to the moon

The film due to be screened this week by Cinema Nairn recently won a major award and it has been discovered the director has a connection with the north of Scotland.
The community initiative reviving big screen entertainment in the seaside resort has also announced three films to be shown as part of the Nairn Book and Arts Festival in June.
‘Moon’ (certificate 15) is this Friday, the 26th of March, starting at 7.30pm in Nairn Community Centre with tickets priced £4 (£3 for under 18s).
The film, originally released last year, is about a man who experiences a personal crisis as he nears the end of a three-year solitary stint harvesting resources on the moon.
A few weeks ago the director, Duncan Jones, won Best Debut at the BAFTAs.
It turns out Jones, son of legendary rock musician David Bowie, is a former pupil of Gordonstoun.
Moon won Best British Independent Film at the BIFA awards last year and Jones won the Douglas Hickox Award.
Cinema Nairn’s Jason Rose said: “Reviewers raved about Moon but it was only available to see briefly in Inverness so we’re delighted to give Nairnites the chance to judge for themselves what all the fuss was about. The main performance by actor Sam Rockwell is stunning. The cinematography and music are beautiful and make this a film that deserves to be seen on the big screen. Moon is usually labelled as science fiction but it’s not about little green men with laser guns - it’s a story about human emotion and how we interact with technology.”
Meantime Cinema Nairn have announced three films with literary themes to be screened as part of the Nairn Book and Arts Festival in June. They are: the Woody Allen classic ‘Manhattan‘ from 1979; ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ (2005), Robert Downey Jnr’s homage to hard-boiled detective fiction; and the romantic comedy ‘Shakespeare In Love‘ from 1999.
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