Monday, March 08, 2010

Sandown Inquiry: goalposts were moved!

A couple of quotes from Friday's edition of the Inverness Courier - an article titled: claims of 'elastic planning process.'

'A CAMPAIGNER against the proposed Sandown development claims the planning process surrounding the scheme has been elastic.

John Hart, chairman of Nairn Residents Concern Group made his comments as it emerged there was confusion about the masterplan which is the subject of the public inquiry.

Before the start of the hearing at Nairn Community Centre, there was a lengthy debate about the detail of a masterplan which was rejected last May by Highland councillors and which, according to objectors, was a revised version which the public had been consulted on.'

'However, Mr Hart, of Sandown Road, maintained the confusion was "an indication of the goalposts moving throughout the whole process." "The whole planning process has been elastic," he said.'

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Food not houses said...

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed the irony of Sandy Park speaking at Brussels recently about the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the Sandown lands?

Sandown is another perfectly good piece of agricultural land that is to be lost to a housing development

I'm not sure as to how anyone can speak (rightly) of the importance of land for agriculture but be happy to see a large tract disappear on his doorstep?

Perhaps CAP needs to be further explained. Is it just about retaining remote crofts with a relatively low land values in the tradition of farming or does it have real meaning in the context of the whole of the Highlands?