Monday, March 08, 2010

Sandown: last Week's editorial in the Nairnshire

Iain Bain entitled last week's editorial 'Controversy' as he took a long hard look at the troubled history of Sandown in recent years. He looks back to the 1990's and the 'centralising tendency' that was prevalent at the time in local Government matters. He sees more controversy to come too after the inquiry as far as Sandown is concerned. Before queuing up this evening for your inquiry-filled edition of the local paper at the Co-op perhaps you might want to turn to the current edition however and reexamine the Editor's view. It gives those Gurnites only now showing an interest in this matter a crash course into the events that led us to where we are now and other long-term implications regardless of how many houses eventually get built on the Sandown fields.

We reproduce the third paragraph:

'Sandown was a prime candidate for disposal because it was ground owned by the CGF and not a part of that fund. The money riased will stay in Nairn's CGF but a mortgage has been raised on the council's contribution to the building of the community centre which will be covered by the proceeds of the Sandown sale, whenever that happens. While the council has undoubtedly provided a bridging loan of sorts and carried the charges, eventually the Nairn CGF will pay for the council's part in the Community Centre. Some might call this a pretty good trick. Others might question its legality and consider what other costs are going to be lumped into the settlement .

But it is a controversy mostly to come. Sandown lands also became notorious for the way in which...' Well worth a second look Gurnites if you still have your copy of the Nairnshire available.