Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Nairnshire Telgraph Sandown Inquiry souvenir edition now on sale

40p spent today on the local paper will bring you up to date on all Inquiry related matters and other local news too. Enjoy



Foo ya deein never mind the Sandown
story in The Nairnie they have an exclusive photie oh a Gurnie Mannie
we a big sign in Gaelic next to a wifee whose sign is in English bit
disappointed nae sign in the doric
the missis had a glance at the photie & noticed your toorie & was
wondering as sheese awfay good we
her hans would you like her to knit
you one we A Gurn for Nurn on the
front. Aw the best

Anonymous said...

Man that was a bumper read

We could do with an inquiry every week!