Sunday, March 07, 2010

Nairn 10k and fun run

Pictures will enlarge.

485 more pictures of the fun run and 10k now on the Gurn flickr pages. Once on the set of pictures please note there are eight pages (navigable from the bottom of each page). Just click on any picture you wish to see and once on an individual picture's page click on 'All sizes' if you wish to see the largest format.



The Gurn photo manie has been awfay
busy we the instamatic i cooda na
run on the sunday as ma belly was
foo we the missus roast beef & tatties & i even managed a bit o
pudding washed doon wee a large dram it was good to see a lottie
photies on that Flickr [once had
that trouble on ma telly]
& there is some more photos from
another photomanie, but no so many
as you did good laddie, aw the best

Anonymous said...

Great pictures which show both sides of the event. The serious side where they're all intensely checking their watches and the not so serious where they look like they are having fun.
Great that the weather was good for everyone.