Monday, March 19, 2012

Ashley supports Liz

Labour mannie Ashley Broadbent tweeted his support on the housing issue and offered his good wishes to Liz for the campaign. (image will enlarge)

Out on the campaign trail Liz tells the Gurn that some voters are worried about the unkept condition of the town. She has notified Scottish Water on one issue of smelly drains. Some problems have been referred to Fergus as she felt they were more appropriate matters for the Scottish Government to deal with. In Auldearn she says: “Folk are not so happy about the alternative light switch off as I had been led to believe .”

Gurnites will remember that the residents of Broad Hill protested vigorously with the help of River Community Council and had a proposal to turn half their lights off overturned as a result.

Tonight the Nairnshire has the Links litter and safety issue on the front page and once again propels what, to this observer, is fundamentally a question of who runs Nairn to the centre stage. An interesting read for anyone with a spare 45p awaits in the shops tomorrow morning.

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growtosow said...

regards front page news in the nairnshire, does make you wonder who is in charge? also it reads like it is ok for links too left in the winter months but in the summer when we have visitors about it has too be tidy, what about the local folk is a case of they do not matter sad state of affairs for our town. on a positive note steven who we gong around the town on his litter round does a amazing job a nice guy too talk too as well.