Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bob the builder inspired by Nairn

Not a new story but it gets an interesting airing again in the Daily Record, quoting Keith Chapman the creator of the character:

“It’s one of my favourite places. I think it’s perfect. The cricket pavilion, the bandstand, the parks, the beach, the sea, the Black Isle edging the Moray Firth, the surrounding farms, the golf courses, the charming town itself, the rivers, the Highlands off in the distance." More on the Daily Record web site.


Achareidh said...

I always knew it was Hughie Long, and not forgetting long suffering Gordie. They go together like strawberries and cement> ;0

The Gaffer said...

Nairn had a lot of good brickies Jackie MacRae, Jimmy Gaul, Tommy Hogg, Oachie Bain, to name but a few.