Sunday, March 11, 2012

Celebrating the Community

Pictures from the event held in the Community Centre yesterday (Saturday 10th of March). Pictures Murray MacRae. Individual pictures here.


Emilly said...

Its good to see what organisations that are in and around Nairn i never realised there was so many well done to the Gurn for putting this onto there website for us people like myself that are disabled i now have a knowledge off whats happening in Nairn now as a new resident that has just moved to the town. I was very dissapointed last week that the Nairn 10k never got mutch coverage in the local press covering the event well done to the Gurn for putting in 800-1000 pictures. At least you put the effort in thats most appreciated by myself and everyone well done Gurnmeister ime your number one fan your the best.

Min said...

Living in New Zealand now, my main tie with Nairn is gurn from nurn, a site I visit daily. Getting on in years now, I remember the faces of 40 years ago. It would be great if the names of the folks in the photoswere given. It would help a frequently homesick Nairnite like myself.
Regards from Tomnarroch Farm, New Zealand.
Minnie Davidson (now Walker)

Graisg said...

Hi Min, we'll try and make a bit more effort with names. In the meantime there is a bit of information on the images from Murd and Hamish that you might find interesting.