Friday, March 16, 2012

St Ninian Road red brick cludgie no more?

On Tuesday night River CC debated a planning application for one house on the vacant piece of land next to the vets in St Ninian Road. A previous application for two houses had received an unfavourable response from the community watchdogs. This time though everything was hunky dory and there were no objections. The new drawing looks pretty good from the front. Will the residents at the rear be happy this time round however? You can see the new plans and previous comments here on the Highland Council e-planning pages.
The old red brick cludgie would go and perhaps a few pennies would come in to the Common Good Fund for that wee strip of land?

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Anonymous said...

When I was growing up in King Street this "vacant piece of land" was always a lovely well tended, fenced off garden, with a beautiful Laburnum tree in the centre. It seems every few spare feet of land is destined to be built on. Soon there will be no perches left for any wild creatures to rest on. Why don't we just build on the Links as well and make these "developers" happy, aye .. and the council.