Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wee bargain out at Auldearn

"Charlie's Staffordshire elephant fetches thousands" Only one day left to watch this Antiques Road trip Episode 26 on BBCiplayer. Visit to Auldearn begins 14.30 minutes into the episode.


Jim said...

At least the owner can now put a sign in his window.


He or she is probably kicking themselves.

Graisg said...

And after knocking 33% off the asking price too :-)

half a negus said...

The amount of publicity this article is getting would cost a small fortune if you'd had to pay for it.

It may have initially seemed like an unfortunate deal from Auldearn Antiques' perspective....but , if I was interested in old stuff, I know where I'd be going to look for it & I'm sure there are plenty of other folks who think the same & will be calling round to see if other valuable things are lurking in the old church.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that it will give the impression that antique shops greatly inflate their prices and are open to be knocked down by over 60% in some cases, secondly it appears not all really know the true value of their stock
Negative publicity if you ask me

Anonymous said...

Did they manage to get back over the border with their looty,before the barriers are closed.?