Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Scottish Government Climate Change Fund cash for Nairn allotments

Heard about this on twitter (see image above) Great news that this funding application has passed all the hurdles: "Nairn Allotment Society - Sandown Community Gardens project plans to create specific allotment growing space for disadvantaged adults and young people within the Nairn area. The project will provide training & resources not only to help people grow, cook and enjoy their own home-grown fruit and vegetables, but will also focus on reducing food miles, unnecessary packaging and by reducing waste through effective composting & recycling. £4,000." Full details on this Scottish Government, Riaghaltas na h-Alba page.
More details about the Sandown allotment expansion in the Nairnshire Telegraph this week.


seeds of change said...

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought there was already a 'community garden' at Sandown that previously attracted funding including if I remember rightly a very expensive composting toilet, and didn't the garden feature on TV?
Is this plot not still in use?

Graisg said...

Yes, very much still in use. This funding will see that area triple in size and enable more initiatives to get under way. Maybe the Beechgrove garden will return to film the new areas at Sandown.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant news, well done all concerned