Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Free access to the Culbin ends?

Dear Gurn,
A parking meter has now been installed at the Culbin Forest, Wellhill car park. There is also one at Roseisle. I believe there are more in Glen Affric. This is not acceptable.
It amounts to a charge for access, not merely parking, as it states glibly on the offending Culbin parking ticket dispenser. "Trails, facilities, wildlife, views, adventure... and all you pay for is the parking!" it states. How dare they presume ownership of wildlife, views and adventure!?

How much did it cost to install, how much to service and maintain this ticket machine? How much for someone to enforce the charges? Will the forest tracks be used only by those who have more disposable income, the "privileged"? Will youth groups such as the Cubs and Scouts, Guides be forced to stump up precious funds to visit?

Some families seeking a healthy, active day out may think twice about driving (the only way to get there) there for an afternoon of fresh air, especially as the cost of fuel is continuing to rise, and pay freezes and redundancies are common...
This is a disgrace and I am furious. Please make reference to this matter on your illustrious site.

Thank you.Rant over, for now...

Bob Stewart,

It does indeed look like these meters are appearing elsewhere in Scotland too Bob: "Parking meters appear overnight at Cairngorm beauty spot"


Day out said...

I recently shoved several pound coins as requested into the Roseisle ticket machine only for it to refuse giving me a ticket

Ironic that you can park on the High Street in Nairn for free, but the Forestry Commission and the National Trust (Brodie, Cullodon etc) will charge you for parking

Would it not be more cost effective to lump an extra pound on car tax to give to some of these organisations? I know, you never go to such places but maybe if you were paying for them you would!

Sideshow Bob said...

They do not presume ownership of the "wildlife, views and adventure." They presume ownership of the lands and trails which have to be maintained. Times are hard, no one is excluded, the money raised from these meters will go towards maintainance and opening up other projects.
If we can afford to run cars, maintainance, mot, tax and fuel, arguing an outrageous parking fee has no merit. Cycle, its completely free!
As for lumping an extra pound on car tax to pay for these things, c'mon, be serious! Why should all motorists pay for the tight fistedness of the few?

Country Rover said...

Car parks at forests elsewhere in Scotland have had parking machines for years. Considering the investment made by landowners / forestry commission in walking trails, way-marking etc putting a couple of quid in the machine is the least you can do to support these facilities !

Anonymous said...

Forgive me if I'm mistaken Country Rover, but doesn't the taxpayer make huge contributions to the Foresty Commission (as a government body) and probably to landowners (in subsidies and grants) anyway?