Sunday, March 18, 2012

Will Liz's sacking as Provost in 2010 still resonate at the ballot boxes?

Here's how the BBC covered Liz's sacking as Provost by Graham, Laurie and Sandy: "Sacked Nairn provost 'treated shabbily." There's no doubting Liz was a very popular Provost and her sacking caused outrage at the time. We covered it on the Gurn and there's also wall to wall linkage on Google for anyone who isn't up to speed with how things unfolded. Liz drew a line under it all with a "free hugs" event to thank all her supporters, including a massive Facebook group formed to call for her reinstatement. She told the P&J at the time: “The purpose of the free hugs, on Saturday morning at 11, is just to draw a line under things." Pictures of that event here. Will the electorate be as forgiving? Has time been a healer or will it still be on one or two voters' minds as the preferences are filled in on the ballot papers?

The Gurn is running a poll in the sidebar for the coming week, asking the question: "Will Liz's sacking as Provost in May 2010 influence the way you vote this time round on May 3rd?"


Liz for First Minister said...

I'm one voter who hasn't forgotten Laurie's “one or two of them are actually Muslims”
speech let alone his involvement in getting the chain of office from Liz

Liz has an extra battle being the only female candidate in Nairn, but on her side she is very popular and part of the SNP

I would like to see Liz and Colin voted in, but I'm really not seeing another candidate I would vote for anyway. Hopefully is will be an SNP landslide as the people of Nairn vote for Scotland and independence, even if it is just at councillor level

Anonymous said...

Liz for First Minister..

I'm with you there...arrogance at it's best.

Mickey G's statment in his face book page says it all too - "The officials work for me, I work for the people"

He needs to research the "code of conduct for councilors" not that he is one yet - but he is using a pastence statement.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we leave comments on articles regarding Michael Green?

Graisg said...

@ anon, with reference to the piece of municipal property you mention. Do you have definite information?

Graisg said...

@anon 11.54 The Gurn by no means publishes all comments on many posts (for various reasons) and closes comments on some articles when we consider it appropriate. We are by no means the gatekeepers to all digital information in Nairnshire however. Twitter, blogger and Facebook are all free services and accessible to all. You can always send a letter to the Nairnshire Telegraph too.
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