Thursday, March 08, 2012

Gurn pre-election caption contest

Can Gurnites think of any other suitable replacement explanations for the Highland Council's new signs on the riverside? Those not au fait with Murd's campaign for better access to the Firhall Bridge see this article and this one too.

Further update two entries now in, one from Tez Watson and another from one of our regular readers - click the slideshow to see them plus Gurmeister's entry. Individual pictures here.


HC Sayer said...

Something ahead that will let some of you cross a river, but we're not making it clear exactly who.

Work out the riddle of this sign or be prepared to be disapointed

Tez Watson said...

Warning: Short-sighted local authority ahead. Almost circular riverside walk available to all abilities. No Daleks!

neilscot said...

Hmm is there a business opportunity here! Maybe like days of old, someone could rig up a big rope going across the river, near the bridge, and build a raft.. People could pay a few pennies, to be taken across on the "foot ferry"
Build the raft from fallen trees! keep things green, recycling..

The operator would need a good pair of gloves to pull on the rope! but i think it could work!

Dr Who said...

What's this then,discrimination towards Daleks.?

I'm Dr Who, no I'm said...

Everyone knows that Daleks can hover so stairs are not an obstacle as once thought

Anonymous said...


Walk this way for The Venison.

Jane Harkiss said...

"Everyone knows that Daleks can hover..." Fantastic! Damn near peed meself laughing at that. I LOVE this town!!! Yay Nairn!