Monday, March 12, 2012

Filling Station demolition agreed too

Nairn town centre is set for a double demolition as the eyesores of both the old Community Centre and the filling station are set to be raised to the ground - Oor Sandy is quoted in the following Highland Council press release. Looks like the council only want the community centre site as parking in the short term however:

"Work is expected to start soon on two projects to remove disused properties in the centre of Nairn.
A contract has been let for the demolition of the former Community Centre on King Street and Morrison Construction will move on to the site soon. The value of the works is £80,000.
And agreement has been reached for the demolition of the nearby disused petrol filling station in a separate contract awarded to William Munro Construction (Highland) Ltd. This work, costing £55,000, will commence early next month.
The Council has longer term plans for the redevelopment of the Community Centre land but in the short term intends using it for free car parking.
The Highland Council Convener Sandy Park is delighted that progress is being made in clearing the two sites.
He said: “It is great to see things beginning to happen in the town centre. The demolitions will pave the way for new development which will greatly enhance our town centre. In the short term the extra car parking is very welcome. The support of The Co-operative in agreeing to the clearance of their petrol filling station site is much appreciated. It helps the momentum of what we are trying to achieve in the town centre.”



The demolition of the filling station is being financed with Tax payers money to the tune of £55.000 for the benefit of the Co--op this will enhance the price of the land for them but give no return or benefit to the town. The Highland Council is using Scottish Office money for a private company yet when asked to finance anther more needed cases which would be of benefit we get told no money. I have personally asked for this to be stooped when I contacted Fesgus Ewing. I most certainly hope this will be achieved and the S N P will not be handing out our money to be spent on a PRIVATE Company

Jubilee carpark said...

It's good to hear that the council has a hand in it's (our) pocket for big business, and no doubt the demolished filling station will add much to the landscape, heck we might even get another half dozen parking spaces

Might I suggest that the council splashes out more of our money and erects a wee plaque on the site with wording to the effect

'Jubilee Demolition. A present from HC to commemorate the Queen's Jubilee in 2012'

Yes, HC really know how to burn their bridges

Anonymous said...

"Sandy is delighted on the progress of the former filling station removal and the support of the Co-operative"

Not half as much as the Co-op are!

Iv'e got a shed needs demolishing -I would be delighted if Sandy could arrange for its removal with my never ending support (subject to public funding of course)

Fishertoonloon (ever the cynic)

Graisg said...

I do remember for a while there was an initiative to have a social enterprise in that building. As Murd has mentioned it is a modern building. It may have looked a lot better if it had been used by some sort of business.
Yes the Co-op probably gets a very good deal out of this as efforts to sell the building obviously came to nothing.
Have to admit I'm uneasy at them getting a helping hand but the view will look better once the old filling station is gone.
Sainsbury's poured money into the town as part of their deal to get a store - contrast that with the Co-op getting what amounts to a hand-out.

Moan Ranger said...

I think it only fair to point out that Co-Op are legaly obliged to repay the demolition costs upon sale of the land. There would be no reasonfor the Co-Op to demolish this building otherwise, as by offering it for sale as is it presents the buyer with the option of using the structure for a business opportunity (e.g used car sales, Drive in drycleaners, car wash) or demolishing for whatever else will be built here ( probably flats). Co-Op are getting a good deal from this - but ultimately so are the people of Nairn, but then they couldnt just be pleased could they?

co-op fan said...

I have no-idea as to the politics involved with the Co-op being persuaded to allow the demolition of the filling station, whatever it is, it's a shame the bus station couldn't be included in the deal, even more of an eyesore in my opinion

Poor old co-op never does right for some people, it's a wonder that they just haven't upped sticks and left Nairn in light of the wonderful new Sainsbury's. But the co-op provides many stores and jobs in Nairn, I for one like them for that


BACK AGAIN One of the not pleased

And what was achieved for the disabled A SIGN TO let then know they are being discriminated against crossing the bridge at Firhall Under the Equality Act (which replaced the Disability Discrimination Act) the Council does have a duty to make reasonable adjustments and to take positive steps to ensure that disabled people can access services. This applies to physical features and would include pathways. Nothing about increasing land value to a private company I can only asume your not one of the unfortunate unable to access the bridge. I fail to see what the good deal is for the TAX payer and more than likely losing out on the revenue for the rates for the building another saving for the Co--op
Again repeat I am doing every thing possible to stop the demolition and ask anyone who agrees with me to let your Councilors know .

Nairn Treasures said...

Comparing the recent press release (12 March 2012) with the one issued on 05 June 2006.
March 2012
"The demolitions will pave the way for new development which will greatly enhance our town centre".
June 2006
"It (Free Church building) will then be demolished, along with other Council premises currently housing Social Work and other staff of The Highland Council, to accommodate a new supermarket run by Somerfield."
Sadly the deal with Somerfield and the associated changes did not happen back then. It is a no-win situation where there is Scottish Government funding available for town centre improvements and if it is not used we are left with the empty buildings and others might get the chance to use the funds. Does this seem familiar (Nairn High Street - take it or lose it).
On balance I think this is the hard-headed way forward for these redundant buildings but there is still a way to go for new development that enhances the town centre.

Anonymous said...

MURD I had to read your comment three times to check I had read it right! This money was allocated from a community development fund not a disability access fund. Council funding luckily can not be fluid enough to divert funds from pot to another. Co-Op has attempted to sell the site with the building on it and appears to have no interest, they have tidied up the plot to an extent - but financially it would make no sense to demolish the building. I can guarantee from my own knowledge that the value of the land net of the building will not be enhanced. Far more people in Nairn have raised issue with this eyesore than have worried about your bridge - there is the benefit. and as Moan Ranger states WHEN Co-Op sell the land then they have to reimburse the cost of the demolition therefore we get a win win situation!



For a start it is not my bridge that is why i think the Highland Council should fulfill there own policy on discrimination. The bridge is there for the good of the community. I have said I am told there is no money for a ramp for the disabled. It would be nice if the same source of money could be found for the ramp and the same amount of effort put into finding the money as the CONVENER told me where there is will there is and I am following the advice of a man who knows. But as far as I am concerned looking at the back of buildings and recycling bins dose not appeal to me as improvement on the view but every one to their own. YOU MAY THINK £55.000 is being well spent but I am trying to stop the waste of TAX payers money for a private company. And if far more people think the unfortunate are less important then just proves to me how selfish some people are and IF THE HAT FITS PLEAS WARE IT as I ware mine and continue to fight for those less fortunate than myself.

Anonymous said...

Whilst parking may not be the most attractive thing in the world perhaps it encourage people to shop if there were more spaces available.

I wonder what it will look like when the buildings are down?

genius said...


"I wonder what it will look like when the buildings are down?"


Graisg said...

I think anon means perhaps the sweeping vistas of the back of the High Street as seen from the traffic jams as motorists crawl through Nairn?

Anonymous said...

thanks Graisg i could not get my mind around how much of the back of the high street would be on view and therefore how attractive that view would be some temporary landscaping maybe for the summer