Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bailey Bridge - still no TLC

Last October the Gurn made a plea for some TLC for the Bailey Bridge in response to some images from one of our regular readers. The fear was that some of the boards would further deteriorate during the winter.

Well things have moved on, winter has passed and nothing has happened down by. River Community Councillor Fred Holmes raised the matter almost immediately at the start of his organisation's meeting on Tuesday night. Graham Marsden (our LibDem candidate in May) stated that "it had been reported."

"Nothing has happened as far as I know," said the Chair, Tommy Hogg.

"I know it's been reported previously, it's been reported again, because it is deteriorating really badly now," continued Fred.

"I'll go down and have a look at it, " said Oor Graham.

There we have it Gurnites, will the duckboards on the bridge continue to deteriorate to the extent that the wider part of the bridge will have to be closed to the public or will something magic happen before the elections on the 3rd of May?


water works said...

With Highland Council currently in demolition mode in the town wouldn't it be excellent if the old bridge could be taken down and the river area to the south turned into a leisure area?
It wouldn't take much to build a small sill across the river where the bridge currently is, this would allow small craft (jet skis etc) to have sufficient water to float in
Maybe the old bridge could be repaired and moved up river as an answer to the problems Murd has outlined?

Anonymous said...

I think there would be a huge outcry if they even suggested demolishing the bailey bridge

Anonymous said...

Maybe the old bridge could be repaired and brought back to its proper use.....

Why Not said...

What would your councillors,(present & perspective)think of that option, I