Monday, March 26, 2012

Tax smear attempt on Fergus by fading dead tree daily

The Daily Record is having pop at Fergus today claiming that he has invested in tax havens, their report dutifully helped along by comments from two politicians, a Green and a Labour MSP.

"Ewing transferred his £200,000 portfolio into collective investments to avoid potential conflicts of interest when he became a minister."

Poor Fergus, he needs at least another 50K, then he could spend it in a oner to get in to see David Cameron by the back door. More on the Daily Record.

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Anonymous said...

All these "politicians" not what they should be called.
It doesn't matter by how much or how little they line their already rich pockets it's the fact that they think they are above the law, and the poor sods that really work for a living have to stump up. Sack him. Sack them all, and vote for the Muppets they 'de make a better job.