Saturday, March 17, 2012

Social housing issues

A lot of people in Nairnshire are upset about the way that social/council housing is allocated in this area and one suggestion is that it should be brought back under local control and thus the community can have direct input into who gets housed and not out of town officials or agencies. Why should homeless people from outwith Nairn get priority points etc?

It is a subject that has cropped up a few times at various community council meetings. Now one of the candidates has come across it on the doorstep. Michael Green writes on his Facebook page:
"I had a very interesting meeting with a community care worker who is separated from her husband , has two children and is unable to get a house, from either the Council or Albyn. All three are currently occupying one room in her parent’s house and she has been on both housing lists for over eighteen months. If elected , I told her to contact me on May 4th and we will go and see both the council housing department and Albyn, as she ticks all the boxes as the type of person who should get priority on any housing list. The council officials work for me and I work for her."

One Gurn reader was not very taken with this comment, hard actually to see why. Shouldn't this be an election issue? If you have a facebook account you can comment over on the candidate's page. Colin MacAulay too is interacting with the electorate on Facebook.