Friday, March 09, 2012

"His mind might have been on Nairn but his heart was definitely in Auldearn"

Praise for Sandy from the chair of Auldearn CC Roger Milton on Wednesday night in the Lethen Hall:

“I think it came as a bit of a shock and a surprise when Sandy announced he wasn’t going to stand in the forthcoming elections. I think it’s a very great sadness that somebody of his experience and effectiveness is not going to be standing in the forthcoming elections. It’s been quite remarkable that someone from Nairn has been working at the very highest level in the Highland Council and Sandy can be justifiably proud of his long and very effective work there. How many years has it been Sandy?”

“Eighteen,” replied the outgoing Convener.

“I think it’s a remarkable record and I think more important for a meeting such as ours is that Sandy has been a very robust and effective champion of the needs of this village and I think everybody will know that of the many, many projects that have happened over the years, either Sandy has initiated them or he has been right behind the people that have been trying to get things done and make sure that they could actually happen. I’d just like to take this opportunity Sandy, of thanking you on the behalf of the village. You’ve done a fantastic job and you’ve got a justifiable rest ahead of you but I know we can rely on you to also continue the work that you’ve done because I know you are that sort of character. I’m sure you will be there to help everything that is going on in the village. Thank you very much.”

Liz, a former chair of Auldearn CC, then added: “Sandy was always backing any project, he was a tremendous support to all the groups in the village and I think his mind might have been on Nairn but his heart was definitely in Auldearn.”

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Burger flipper said...

and here was me thinking Sandy's heart was always set on sausages! You live and you learn