Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Forres and Nairn Welfare league

Summer football looms on the horizon already and some Gurnites walking along the river walks on a summer's evening might be wondering who it is playing football on the riverside pitch. If you didn't know much about the Forres and Nairn Welfare league then a new website can get you up to date:

"The Forres and Nairn Welfare League was formed in 1999, amalgamating the old Nairn and Forres Summer Leagues. Providing competitive football for players in the Forres, Nairn and Elgin areas who may not be of junior level, and players who want to make themselves known to junior teams, teams compete for the League Shield, the Ally Ross Memorial Rosebowl and the McIntosh Rosebowl between April and September."

Last year's league winners were Jacko's and they had a remarkable season: "2011 also seen first time winners, Jackos made Welfare League history by going through their entire league campaign without dropping even a point, winning all their games."

You can browse the Forres and Nairn Welfare league website here (tip once on the site use the sidebar on the left-hand side, the tabs at the top of the page take you to information on the web host)

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Anonymous said...

2011 also "seen" (sic) first time winners Jacko's---

Surely some mistake?

P. Edantic