Thursday, March 08, 2012

Contractors crush community crocus crop

Annie Stewart, Chair of Keeping Nairnshire Colourful is not very happy just now. She is upset after witnessing severe damage to one of the crocus beds laid by her organisation last year.This observer has been up to the site in question and agrees that this damage shouldn’t have happened. Someone should have made a bit more effort to avoid the destruction. Here’s what Annie told the Gurn:

"Spring has arrived, and around Nairn the crocuses are bringing wonderful splashes of colour to the town. In the field below the cemetery on the Grantown road there are rings of yellow and a large bed of multicoloured white, purple and yellow ones. Down in the Fishertown there are purple crocuses opposite the Seamens' Hall, and at the Links there's a vast drift of white, a smaller area of purple and a circle of mixed colours. Dougie Gray and the volunteers of KNC, together with other voluntary groups ought to be proud of what they have achieved.

But sadly it is not all such a pretty scene. Along the A96 at Achareidh it's a different story. The crocuses there have appeared, offering a cheerful welcome to everyone passing through the town. But in the last few days one of these beds has been the victim of wanton corporate vandalism. A team of workmen have been laying cables or pipes using a mini-digger beside Beechwood Avenue opposite the Westerlea Hotel. Although there is plenty of grass around the crocuses, the contractors dumped piles of cut turf under sheets of plastic with traffic cones on top, safety barriers and other items - right on top of the flowers!

Several local residents have complained to no avail. The problem has been reported to Louise Clark as Ward Manager, who will be contacting those concerned to ensure any damage is compensated for. But "compensation", if indeed it happens, is scant consolation to the many volunteers who have devoted their time and effort into creating these displays. The damage by the workmen to the crocuses just when they were at their best should not have been necessary.

People are often quick to condemn those who spray graffiti or drop litter that makes the town look untidy. But thoughtless or deliberate vandalism by contractors, wrecking the work done by local volunteers to improve the town, is just as bad. The company concerned should be ashamed."

Pictures above show the damage to the crocus and the contractors at work. Below are two pictures of crocus plantings elsewhere in the town. Larger images here.


Busby said...

'It's good to talk' but not so good to do this. Perhaps BT would like to buy and plant a few bulbs for Nairn, too late for this year though

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could turn their attention
to the riverside and flatten some of the invasive species in that area.?

Graisg said...

Hold the front page on that anon. Some interesting information in from a co-conspirator recently :-)

Anonymous said...

There was no need for this wanton vandalism with ample space around the crocus to put their working stuff. I hope that they offer some recompense with a few thousand bulbs. If they dont, Talk talk will be getting a few more customers....