Sunday, March 11, 2012

No Nairn boat in Thames flotilla but the Jubilee starting to look shipshape?

Ewen Brodie, Lord Lieutenant of Nairnshire was present in the Lethen Hall for the meeting of the Auldearn CC on Wednesday night. He revealed that efforts to get a Nairn boat in the mammoth flotilla that will sail down the Thames in June had failed. It seems the event is oversubscribed and also that the “airdraft was too high.”

Auldearn looks up for the party however and those present were all for something during the day and also an event in the evening. Ewen reported that Cawdor “has certainly got the bit between the teeth" and that the estate were organising a bonfire on Cairn Maol up by the Clunas Dam.

Liz told the meeting that Suburban CC were organising a picnic lunch down on the Links. There was also mention of the Scouts also organising a bonfire on the beach.

Liz also added to comments expressed about the last Jubilee: “That was all the Rockabilly times and the Beatles were in Nairn…there was lots of really exciting music at the time.” It looked to this observer as though Liz was going to suggest some sort of flashback concert but there were then some comments about historical accuracy concerning the Jubilee.

Iain Bain intervened: “There was not TV in Nairn at that time,”

“Not even a TV, not even in the posh houses?” Asked the chair of the meeting.

This time round, there will be plenty of TVs to watch events and maybe some people will even drag themselves away from the box and go to a picnic or a bonfire?


Highland Republic Affiliation said...

I think everyone here seems to be in the wrong time warp. 'The last Jubilee' when the Beatles were on the go and there were no TVs? Wasn't there one in 1977 when the Sex Pistols were number 1? And there was the golden one the other decade as well. They do say if you can remember the 60s you weren't really there!
Anyway, as this blog's poll showed an almost equal amount of people who did NOT want a jubilee celebration this year as do and another substantial amount who don't care either way, anyone who is interested in having an alternative pro-democracy event, perhaps such as a drop-in event or whatever ideas people have, can get in touch at so we can try to give people more of a choice in this matter.

Murd said...

How times have changed they managed to build a new bridge for one Jubilee. Now we cant find the money to install a ramp for the disabled. Call it the jubilee ramp if they like. This would not be a one day wonder but be in use 24/7 fro a long time. Future generations would be reminded what was put in place to celebrate the jubilee.