Thursday, March 15, 2012

Michael Green gets his campaign underway

The Gurn had the opportunity for a wee blether with Michael Green yesterday as he made final preparations for the seven week campaign ahead. "Your local independent candidate for Nairn" is looking forward to knocking on the doors and engaging with the voters. He won't be restricting himself to the traditional methods however. Gurnites will be interested to hear that Michael will be providing daily updates on a Facebook page "and hopefully a wee bit of humour too." If the rest of the candidates are as up for it as Michael then this election will probably be very lively indeed. View Michael's election leaflet here.
This observer feels that Michael will be a very strong candidate in this election and will mostly likely be one of the four out in front who will represent us when the dust settles.


Wild tax said...

So, if he is looking to reduce business rates that means the rest of us will have to make up the shortfall for Highland Council.

Nairn doesn't strike me as a town where business rates are deterring businesses from operating here, witness the great majority of shops being open.

Michael himself operates internet businesses from Nairn which could be operated from anywhere in the world if business rates are such an issue

I've no doubt he will enjoy support from Nairn's business community, but that is a minority of voters

Graisg said...

Perhaps you should contact Michael and ask him if that is his intention. Perhaps he has something else in mind. Why not ask him over on facebook Wild Tax?
Or maybe he'll be knocking on your door soon.
Personally I think he will get votes way beyond the business community but we've only got seven weeks or so to see what happens.

Anonymous said...

without businesses where are we all going to work in Nairn?

not as green as I'm cabbage looking said...

"I will be updating everybody on a daily basis with feedback from my campaign."

Looks like Michael has broken his first promise, no update for us on Facebook yesterday, so he only lasted two days! The digital media has to be taken seriously if you want punters to return to look at your publishing. The Gurn has also pointed out some councillors who have taken to the digital age only to cease putting new material online

I also note that Michael also describes himself as a 'Politician' on Facebook, I'm sure he will do well but maybe a little premature?

The biz said...


"without businesses where are we all going to work in Nairn?"

We don't, the great majority of those with jobs work outwith Nairn. Over the years there have been a great number of schemes mainly funded by the taxpayer to attract businesses to Nairn. Few have succeeded to bring long term businesses to the area, and I really don't think a reduction in business rates (another tax payer funded idea) will bring new business to the area

Nearly every town in the Highlands has a business park funded by us, and as far as I know all still have spaces available

The biggest employer in private business in Nairn is Gordon's sawmill which wasn't started with the help of tax breaks, nor is it sited on an industrial park. It makes use of local resources which are likely to be in demand for many years

In recent years the biggest employer in the area was McDermotts, but I cannot see any such similar venture taking off in the near future, at least not on that scale

Graisg said...

Thanks Rateman, will research this

Graisg said...

@not impressed - I think your reaction to the Facebook posting is over the top. The candidate prefaces his comments with "if".
If you are so concerned go and comment on that Facebook page your self and if you want to vote for Oor Graham instead then so be it - we will all have several choices on the ballot paper