Saturday, March 31, 2012

Seagulls - a partial solution from Arbroath?

Thanks to a regular readar for alerting the Gurn to this interesting Guardian article:

"In the summer breeding season, which is fast approaching, they can become aggressive. Appeals to residents not to feed them, hawks and anti-litter campaigns have made little difference. Now, the local council is about to trial a new deterrent by painting bright red patches at key locations around the town." More here.


growtosow said...

brings a whole new meaning too painting the town red, but if it works why not try it, i was down at the harbour yesterday and we were just siting at the seafront, the family in the car next too us were putting out food with a sign just in front of them saying do not feed the seagulls? makes you wonder sometimes.

Smokey Bear said...

Men were seen on the A96 roadbridge today.Are they going to paint the railings Red?

growtosow said...

regards too the bridge i hear it is going to be painted not sure what colour it will be, but has too be better than the way it looks at the moment.