Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lower speed limit possible for Clephanton Junction

Thanks to one of our regular readers who points out that the Clephanton junction junction appears on the list of B class roads with a high accident rate that could be up for a speed limit review - see Apendix 2 of this Highland Council document that will be discussed on Thursday.


Jim said...

Well, this crossroads at Clephanton ALREADY has a 30 mph speed limit on the Ardisier to Cawdor 'B' route.

The conflicting route, being the 'rat run' from the Raigmore side of Inverness to Nairn, has a STOP sign in both directions, i.e. a speed restriction of ZERO mph.

There has been one fatal accident here and three injuries, as listed on the study document.

I can't see a lower speed limit on the 'B' road deterring those faced with the temptation to drift over the STOP line from the side roads.

There's only one answer - new traffic lights!

Anonymous said...

I have a different interpretation of this particular statistic in Appendix 2 because the document says "Croy to Clephanton cross roads" B9091

I believe the accidents were on the stretch of road and not solely at the junction.

I live in the locality and know of 4 fatalities in less than five years resulting from RTAs at the main bends before and after the B9006 / B9091 merge - a very short stretch of road.

Jim said...

Thanks for pointing this out, Anon. You're probably right. On the bends you mention, in the forest section, the road can be icy all day in winter.

The only solution there is maybe to provide a new section of road to cut off the right-angled bends.

I'm not sure they use very low speed restrictions in completely rural areas. Maybe other types of warning signs though.