Saturday, March 24, 2012

Solving a wee photographic enigma

Tez Watson of Iolaire Gifts, Gallery and Graphics down at the harbour would like the help of Gurnshire, he tells the Gurn:

"May I try through your good offices to locate the owner of the attached photograph who came into our Harbour Street premises a while ago wanting a copy made and left without leaving his contact details saying he would be back the next day. As the original is marked "Jock Barron" on the back I duly consulted Nairn's resident sage (Alan Barron) who was unable to in this instance assist with identifying the lad in the photo or the older gentleman who brought in the print. Looks like the Catering Corps to me and a while ago, the shiny horse is quite interesting perhaps a trophy! "


You Hope said...

So that is where the "White Horse"
has been hiding all this time.

Tez Watson said...

Thanks for the help. Robbie Barron (the landscape gardener) turned up yesterday to collect the photo of Tom Barron...