Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mike Henderson gets a few sparks from Oor Graham

More heat than light on the subject of Fire Brigade training at the River CC meeting on Tuesday night?

Mike Henderson has been a persistent thorn in the flesh of any members of the ruling Glenurquhart Road regime that turn up at River CC meetings. His persistence has resonated all the way to the front page of the Nairnshire in recent weeks. Mike has been questioning those members of the (Indy/LibDem/Lab) ruling group who turn up to River CC meetings on a range of issues recently on how the cuts are affecting the delivery of services to the community. On Tuesday night Oor Graham (aka Cllr Marsden LibDem) seemed fair scunnered with Mike when he tried to get some details about Fire Brigade training.

Mike began his latest inquisition:” I’m glad that Cllr Marsden is here because he’s the joint Fire Committee substitute member.

“No, I’m not!” Exclaimed Oor Graham.

“It’s on the...,” Mike attempted to continue

“Ah well, but I don’t attend the meetings.” Interjected Graham.

“Well you are a substitute member, so you should have an insight into this one,' continued Cllr Henderson.

Graham was not impressed and turning towards the chair he asked if this was appropriate business: “Is this anything to do with River Community Council?

“Well I think that the training of the firemen is.” Mike was determined to press home his point.

Graham had an exit strategy from this questioning however. He said:” I think this would be something that you and I would talk together about rather then bringing it up in here.” The LibDem’s voice was now much louder than normal at this point.

“Are you saying that the training of the firemen is not a concern of the town?” Mike was not giving way at all.

“I’m sorry, if you have a specific issue that is about that then I can actually get the information which you want,” came the reply
”Do you feel that the training is going to improve?” Mike had another go.

“I don’t know anything about this. I am the substitute member, that is I fill in when the members are not there. I’ve never been asked. There are significant issues around the Fire Board at the moment.” This was the final part of this exchange because Tommy Hogg, in the chair, decided to close the debate down.


Anonymous said...

This exchange raises a number of issues for me. The first is that any member of the public can be seen as a 'persistent thorn in the flesh'. Surely it is everyone's prerogative to, in a polite and courteous manner, raise reasonable questions as many times as it takes to get a satisfactory response. I would look on this as a way of flagging up to the council those areas which are of concern to members of the public. In this case I would have been interested to know what exactly the issue was; whether or not this was an issue for other residents; what the strength of feeling was and why it was a matter for concern.

The other issue of course is; what is the role of an elected member in Highland? What are their duties and in this case what were this councillor's responsibilities in relation to being a substitute on a committee?

Anonymous said...

Soon be May !