Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Old Community Centre site - River CC want permanent car park not temporary.

River CC want to see a permanent car park on the site of the old Community Centre and not a temporary one while the Highland Council looks for a developer for the site. During discussion on the matter Liz said: "It's still being marketed, It's a temporary car park and it would be very positive if the Community Council wrote and said we would like this to be retained as a permanent car park."

The River members were so minded to take up Liz's suggestion. The town centre lacks adequate parking at the best of times and this picture on flickr shows how desperate things can be when events are taking place. Nairn town centre needs more parking Gurnites. What can we do to ensure that? Why not only vote in May for those candidates in the Highland Council election that wish to retain that area as a car park once demolition has taken place? Maybe we could even call the area " The Jubilee Car park"?

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big yellow taxi driver said...

Joni Mitchell did warn us:

"They paved paradise,
And put up a parking lot"