Thursday, March 29, 2012

Eight contestants for four Nairnshire seats

Broadbent Ashley Scottish Labour Party

Cunningham Ritchie Independent

Fraser Laurie Richard Independent

Green Michael Independent

Macaulay Colin John MacRury Scottish National Party (SNP)

MacDonald Liz Scottish National Party (SNP)

MacRae Rossie Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Marsden Graham Scottish Liberal Democrats

The nominations closed at 16.00 today and a list of candidates has now been published. Game on! Interesting to see a Tory candidate putting their hat in the ring. For a full list of candidates in all the Highland Council wards see here. Eight into four Nairnshire seats doesn't go, once the dust settles four of the above will be disappointed. How will Gurnshire vote? Unscientific Gurn poll in the side bar.


Nairn seer said...

I reckon it will be Liz, Colin, Laurie, and sadly oor Graham that get in

Anonymous said...

I hope we get one of each variety.

woof woof said...

Surely Green Michael should be a Green? The natural party for him to be in!

Anonymous said...

Deer, deer, oor Graham is actually running !