Saturday, November 03, 2012

Wee County home from the Land of the Giants and still living the dream - Forfar 3 Nairn 3

The Forfar Loons were tall, most of them towering above the Wee County side. At half-time it looked like they would cruise to victory with a 4,5 or even 6 nil humping on the cards. It wasn't to be Forfar's day though as County returned like hungry lions out of a cage and took the game back. Martin MacDonald was the first on the score sheet in the 57th minute with a cool, calm finish from 10 yards or so. Ross Naismith got the second with 20 minutes left on the clock and Forfar started to look worried. It was an exciting run in to final whistle and ecstatic scenes on the terraces as Craig MacMillan tapped in a Michael Morrison cross to get the equaliser during injury time. County are still in the Scottish Cup and the Forfar big men have to come up to the other Station Park and experience life on County's bowling green surface. It promises to be an exciting one.

 Well done the County heros today. As Alistair said tonight on the "We beleive!" Face book page: "Tremendous second half showing with every player standing up to a very big physical team. 14 heros today although a special shout to Andy Neill who covered every blade of astro today tremendous going forward and defended when he had to."

Great craic today too on Roaches Coaches, superb hospitality at the Royal British Legion Forfar, a fantastic cup-tie and another one to add to a portfolio of fantastic memories that this team have already given to the fans this season. The two bus loads of County fans and numerous others that made their way to Forfar certainly made themselves heard - Could you hear the Forfar sing? No! That's three superb trips down the A9 now, who knows what next Saturday will bring but on Monday we will know who the winners of the replay will face. Que sera, sera...

Pictures later. 

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Black and Gold said...

In the words of whoever said it– ‘let them eat bridies’ – or something like that. Another bumper crowd surely at Station Park on Saturday. No doubt putting pressure on Nairn’s league challenge as they fall behind in fixtures. But Les Fridge is right. These are games we want to be involved in and will have to take it a game at a time. Come on you footie fans who haven’t been at Station Park in years. Get up there and join the monster raving ‘loony’ party and cheer Nairn on to a historic 4th round appearance. We can hark back to ‘76 – but this team (including many Nairn boys) is up there with the best of them.