Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cawdor village to get flower-power?

Cawdor could soon be following a trend set by Ardersier last summer. The Community Council were most impressed on Monday night by Highland Councillor Glynis Sinclair’s suggestion that hanging baskets and tubs were placed around the village. The Council had been discussing Community Initiatives and Glynis told the meeting how a feel good factor had emerged from the Ardersier initiative. She went on to say:

“It would be quite nice if you sort of colour themed it as well, because it is all red doors. You could really colour theme the whole village and if you are talking about the Jubilee, you maybe do the colours of the Union Flag and all these sort of things which would be particularly pretty.

Glynis is an SNP councillor but obviously a little bit of red, white and blue is still fine by here if the occasion is the right one. The community council set up a sub-committee to take the floral ideas forward.


one on every corner said...

Never mind flowers, Cawdor is in desperate need of some shopkeepers, or has the curse of Sainsbury's struck the whole village?

Graisg said...

Sandy Matheson the former proprietor of the Cawdor shoppie was at the Cawdor CC meeting on Monday night. There was some interesting conversation about the demise of the shop and hopefully they'll be an article on the Gurn about that conversation soon.

Anonymous said...

Talking about flags, does anyone know what's happened to the Saltire at the Courthouse?