Sunday, February 05, 2012

Firhall Bridge – joint support from Community Councils for better access

Murd gave the latest news about his campaign for improved access on the Firhall Bridge to the combined Community Council meeting at the Academy on Tuesday, including the latest information from Highland Council deeming that alternatives to crossing the Firhall Bridge exist. Murd received support at the meeting. John Mackie said:

“I think this is something we the three Community Councils should take on board. There are ways of helping to get this access sorted out and as a community I think we should be doing more about it. I’ve been down and seen the bridge and it’s a disgrace. Everybody is burying their heads because it’s going to cost money. There is money out there if we put our heads together and work at it. I think we could get funding to get this done.”
Murd then explained that he had an estimate of £31,000 from the chief engineer and not the 250K or 70K that had been quoted before from other sources. John Mackie then continued:

“I think you’ve done a fantastic job Murd and we’ve been sitting there encouraging you without actually doing anything and I think we need to take it on board.”

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