Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tommy happy with Charrette, Simon “A bit of concern"

Tommy opened discussion on the Sandown Charrette at the River Community Council meeting last night, he said:”It went down very well over the four days, and the chap that came from the Scottish Parliament, Jim Mckinnon, he was really up for getting things to happen. Over the four days it was so informative, it was very well done and a large amount of people turned up. I was very impressed.” Tommy then told the meeting that Jim McKinnon was coming back for the ward forum meeting in the Golf View on February the 29th with the end product.

Graham Marsden then added that the drawings would be open to public view in the Golf View from 3-7 p.m.

Simon Noble said: “One of the things I’d like to express a bit of concern about is, I went along to one morning session and though it was being run extremely professionally, and like Tommy I was impressed by the event, however I was also struck by the fact that there wasn’t anyone younger than me in attendance there and from what I understand there wasn’t throughout the whole of the four days. So it is clear to me that the representation of Nairn was singular and not broad. So I think it is misleading on the basis of the charrette to describe the shape that is presented to the developer as being something that is endorsed by the people of Nairn.

Ian Gordon critisced the publicitiy for the event and said, “They did not go about it correctly.”

Liz then spoke: “It’s going to be an ongoing process of development, they’ll stage in development, parts of it, stage by stage. We’ve already agreed that the allotments can go ahead and that will be going to the March Highland Council committee. We’ve got that plan, but that’s not the end of it, it’s only the beginning.”


Charlie Charrette said...

May I have the courtesy of using The Gurn in respect with the comment made by Iain Gordon regarding the poor publicity for the event which I must admit I agree with & has been handled very poorly, so could somebody please explain why this is so,& who is responsible for publicising the forthcoming meetings? & as Mr Gordon quoted "They did not go about it correctly".

So could someone kindly tell me who are They? a quick response to this enquiry would be very much appreciated.

Graisg said...

They would be whoever it was at Highland Council that was charged with getting an advert to the Nairnshire in time for the paper's weekly deadline.
And the name that should be on the block? Contact anyone of your four Highland Councillors and ask them, maybe they might know.

Charlie Charrette said...

Graisg thanks for the prompt reply to my question, its very much appreciated. Phoned the Nairnshire & was informed that the publicity material arrived much to late for their Monday afternoon deadline.

APTSec said...

I do not have a high opinion of charettes as you will have realised from reading my previous comments.

I cannot understand why the Scottish Government via their Chief Planner sees charrettes as a favoured means of consulting with the public.

THC have left me with the impression that they have paid more attention to getting Jim Mackinnon up – in my personal view so that THC can be seen to be doing the ‘right thing’ in the eyes of the Government's Chief Planner – and to arranging things with the architects so that they can get these plans drawn up PDQ rather than ensuring that this is a truly inclusive public process.

As far as planning policy is concerned, the term ‘consultation’ is used to mean the dynamic process of dialogue based on a genuine exchange of views and, normally, with the objective of influencing decisions, policies or programmes of action.

My main concerns, as always, are; is there equal opportunity of access to the process; transparency of process in terms of the various agendas in operation; equal opportunity to genuinely influence the process.

I think the THC should be able to demonstrate the inclusiveness of the process and set out exactly how each individual has been able to influence how the site develops in future.

I think at the very least THC should be required to have an objective evaluation and ascertain amongst other things;

The total number of named individuals who attended over the 3 days;

How those who went along divided into male / female;

What the ages ranges were (16-24; 25-35; 36-45; 46-55 etc.) and how many males / females were in each;

How comfortable people felt in terms of hot / cold rooms;

Was sufficient refreshment provided?

(No) funding for loss of earnings if someone wanted to attend;

Were travelling expenses provided?

Was childcare provision made?

Did participants understand how their contribution could/ would influence the eventual outcome?

Did those attend intend to follow up on their participation?

How prepared did those who attended feel in order to get the best out of the time they spent there?

Were attendees encouraged to take a broad view of all aspects of the proposals?

Mr Mackinnon is the Chief Planner for Scotland. He is not just a ‘bloke from down the road’ He is an extremely senior civil servant and he has a job do and that must include delivering on the Government’s economic objectives as linked to the planning process.
The facilitator, however charming and professional has a brief, and it would be useful to know what that was at the outset.

Let us all hope that these charrettes are not being used as a means to sweeten what may be a very bitter pill.

One Twice Daily said...

As the Ward Forum is being held in the Golf View.I am quite sure it would be possible to ask the question
What did you all have for breakfast.?

Graisg said...

Seriously, this observer has concerns that some Gurnites may be put off by the Golf View. Very nice hotel it is but for some it is not their natural milieu and it is also some distance from the town centre if you are on foot. It seems the Community Centre was not available.

wee man said...

'Natural milieu' is outwith my usual banter.

I'm sure the Golf View will suit the usual suspects who attend and look after such events on behalf of the wee man

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that Iain Gordon, Charlie Charette, Simon Noble and APTSec raise some profound queries on the publicity, participation and undeclared agenda behind the charette process. Will the people of Nairn get a full and proper chance to comment on the evolving masterplan per the Development Planning Circular (1/2009) for a period of no less than 6 weeks.

Graisg said...

I presume you mean this? I'd never heard of it until I googled it just now.

Did you go to the opening night Anon? The agenda was made very clear, Sandown has and is zoned for development. Anything the community got to do with the Charrette was within that concept. If development does happen then there are those that think we got a pretty good deal out of the plans so far as a community and were given a few tips on how to approach the next stages of the consultation in a way that would allow the community to control events.
Yes I understand the argument that we don't have any control because development has been pushed upon us through the Highland wide development plan etc. How that school of thought approaches the next stage of the charrette will be interesting to see.
We knew what we didn't want (ie the Deveron proposal) Are we agreed on what we do want and will the Charrette next stage product on view in the Golf View on the 29th satisfy us or the majority of us? Make your mind up and satisfied or deeply upset or somewhere inbetween, get yourself ,your friends and neighbours down to the Golf View for on the 29th for the meeting starting 7 p.m.
Why not make it one to remember?

Anonymous said...

would the rose bank school hall not be more sensible and it belongs to the Council and and cut the cost or is that to simple a sloution