Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nairnshire Telegraph letters column – political fire-fight

Oor Graham wades into the SNP this week, political boots and fists flying. The LibDem mannie claims the SNP proposals to restore area committess are “unaffordable and unrealistic”. Newly declared Independent candidate Ritchie Cunningham has it in for the SNP too, he thinks the SNP proposal is “laughable”. This observer would think that the SNP proposals have been costed, no doubt more will be revealed next week Mr Cunningham also seems to think it is Holyrood that is taking power away from local communities. Colin MacAulay fights back for the SNP in response to letters fired at the party last week. All very laudable but perhaps we could have a bit of debate too about things like the Common Good Fund and whether it should be under the control of the Highland Council's 80 councillors?

If political debate hits the spot for you try page 8 of the Nairnshire this week, there is also a, perhaps, refreshing spotlight on a local issue as Rupert Furze (not a candidate) explains his alarm that the by-pass will have no exits between its start and finish points, according to information provided to him at the recent West CC meeting..

More in this week’s Nairnshire including a top of the range editorial entitled “The Usual Suspects”.


Wee county man said...

There seems to be increasing links between the Gurn and The Nairnshire Telegraph these days. Do you share any reporting, I've often thought your (excellent) footie reports often read as being penned by the same writer? The Gurn always wins for sports photos of course thanks to the medium, and is always the place where I've read it first!

Graisg said...

No, we usually link to the reports at Highland League.net which are usually from the pen of the mighty Kenny Macleod.