Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Grantown Road Junction little green men for a by-pass?

Thanks to Colin for alerting the Gurn that the green gremlins have taken over the Grantown Road lights today. First it was the Lights at the old community centre then the Lochloy Junction, now the do-it-yourself wee men are doing their own thing at the Grantown Road. Helping to hold up traffic passing through Nairn and doing their bit to help the case for a by-pass sooner than 2020 (BBC estimation).


Jim said...

Ask Colin if the pedestrian push buttons were all firmly stuck in place with chewing gum.

If driving, he could easily park at the garage to check this, and the gum can be shifted quickly with a small pocket knife, or one of those useful things for removing stones from horses' hooves.

Maybe they need CCTV cameras at every junction, to identify the mystery gummer!

Graisg said...

Good point Jim. Re the lochloy ones however, I was passing one day to see two Bear engineers parked in Morning Night and Noon car park. I explained to them the green men were doing their own thing. They said they were there to figure out why it was happening. It had been going on for several days.

i dont like gum holly said...

Jim, i can assure you that this problem is nothing to do with "Gum" All it takes is one Microswitch that is in these buttons to go and ooft Green gremlins. The switches are thinner that fuse wire and if any damp gets into them, then freeze, then melt they will snap hence why the lights think someone has pressed the button. Carrying a knife?!?!?! are you wise!! Anyway, it aint my bloody job to go round checking buttons for gum!!