Thursday, February 02, 2012

Sandown drawings to assist the Charrette towards a development brief

Individual pictures here. Full screen slide show here. Please bear in mind these are not masterplans or tablets of stone just the results of the process so far. A process that continues until around 4.30 p.m today. This is not the end of the story either - from development brief to masterplan will give the community more chance to have their say.

PS tip - once on an inividual picture - click actions, view all sizes for a close-up.


APTSec said...

Thanks Gurn

Do you know who came up with the housing densities and layout in the diagram where they are shown in purple as Low, Medium and High?

At the presentation on Monday night was any indication given as to the overall size of the site and / or the potential number of residential units?

Did Mr Stott go over the Reporter's HwLDP comments re Sandown on Monday?

Anything mentioned about the timescales and about getting the site back on the market?

One possible solution is that the Planning Authority will sell off a much smaller proportion of the land than they did with the previous applicant but seek to fit on around 300+ homes. Speculation of course at this stage.

Graisg said...

Hearing the figure of 350. Timescales and markets etc, weaved in and out of that and many other subjects.
Timescales depend on roads and sewers being paid for and then you have all the other land zoned for housing that will impact on that.

HwlDP mentioned a few times. I didn't attend all the charrette so can't give definitive comments on everything.

More will be up on the Highland Council site next week - a promise from Tim Stott.
Big turnout for closing session and most people seem happy with the outcome of this leg of the continuing saga that is Sandown.
Could the scars of the past finally be healing?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your work covering the charrette Graisg. A lot must have been said and I wonder if the full text will appear in the public arena anytime soon?

Graisg said...

Certainly a lot said and a headline a minute almost. Still hope to get up a bit more from Jim McKinnon opening on Monday night. He's back later in the month by the way. Also hope to give readers some highlights from Jim Farrar's closing statement. Tim Stott had a few words to say too.